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An Introduction To A Solution Focused Team & Workplace

(1/2 Day)

What is a solution focused workplace and how can we create it? Implementing a solution focused approach; effective communication; setting achievable goals; recognising the importance of discovering skills and resources. This course gives an understanding of the workings of the mind to harness a positive culture. A solution focused team is far more cooperative and productive.

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Being Part Of A Solution Focused Team & Workplace

(1 Day)

This course illustrates the Neuroscience of mind processing to harness a positive workplace culture. It explores how teams can be more successful and efficient when individuals take control over their own thoughts and actions. It offers strategies to solution focused team players to become their own coaches as well as peer mentors to succeed in day to day and challenging environments.

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Onsite Lightbulb Relaxation Solutions

(1 Day / 10 x 30 Minute Group Sessions)

Lightbulb Relaxation Solutions onsite sessions provide instant and accumulative wellbeing benefits. They reduce staff stress-related symptoms; lower sickness rates and absenteeism; improve psychological wellbeing, engagement and motivation; improve output, productivity and effectiveness. 

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Onsite Lightbulb Smoking Cessation Solutions

(1/2 Day)

Lose the smoking habit forever! Clinical Hypnotherapy is fast! Clinical Hypnotherapy is powerful! Clinical Hypnotherapy is effective!

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit!” (New Scientist)

Onsite Lightbulb Smoking Cessation Solutions is available for groups of up to 12 staff who want to give up smoking.  Usually, the employer pays half and the employee pays half as their mutual commitment. 

POA - call 02921 409218 for more information or to book now. 

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For more information or to book now, call 02921 409218.


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