Implementing Solution Focused Management

(1/2 Day)

Solution Focused Management is highly effective in combating the symptoms of stress by bringing a different approach to the workplace for both management and employees. This course introduces strategies to decrease stress-related symptoms; lower sickness and absenteeism; improve psychological wellbeing, engagement and motivation; improve output, productivity and effectiveness. 

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Advanced Solution Focused Management

(1 Day)

This course provides advanced knowledge and skills to identify the causes and symptoms of workplace stress. It offers solution focused strategies to overcome negative influences and create a more cooperative, positive and productive team. Advanced Solution Focused Management improves staff wellbeing, attendance rates, engagement, motivation, output, productivity and effectiveness. 

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Bridging Solutions For Retirement

(1 Day)

This course offers positive retirement solutions. By identifying issues, resolving problems and finding solutions it lays the foundations for a smooth transition. A solution focused retirement considers all aspects of mental, emotional, practical and physical life to ensure the change is accepted, embraced and enjoyed.

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