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“Following a few difficult years in work – my post was deleted (twice!), and lack of support from line management in relation to dealing with issues and personal development, my confidence and self-esteem had been hit and I only really acknowledged it when a comment was made by a friend. Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice has helped me understand myself better and given me the tools to make the changes I needed to. My sleep has also improved greatly listening to the relaxation CD nightly to reinforce positive messages and thought patterns. I have recently started a new job and have done so in a more positive frame of mind.  Thank you!”       (Alison, Penarth)

“As a healthcare professional who works in a stressful environment at times I was experiencing difficulties coming home and switching off. The relaxation sessions helped me to refocus and clear my mind of any negative thoughts. Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice are professional and informative in their approach to the treatment and practice.” (Elaine, Cardiff)

“I would recommend Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice and their techniques – this is more than Hypnotherapy.       Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice build confidence and positivity, while reducing stress and anxiety.  They introduced me to the idea of having a stress bucket in your brain and the importance of emptying that bucket on a daily basis through listening to the CD and then the weekly one-on-one sessions made sense of it all. I was ready to leave the process after 9 weeks, and have dealt with issues that would have  become problematic in the past, in an intellectual way and my mood these days is more on an even keel. My partner and my work colleagues have commented on how different they think I am and that makes it all worthwhile as my aim was to be more positive and not dwell on past events or worry about the future.” (Eleanor, Barry)

“Over the last few weeks I have gone from having zero confidence or belief in myself to being a completely happy, confident individual. Since the course began, I have had a promotion, made some amazing new friends and improved family relationships.   Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice has helped me to see life in a new light, move on from past experiences and feel ready for a much brighter future. Whoever you are, whatever your reasons for considering it, I can’t recommend this highly enough! Thank you so much.” (Trish, Penarth)

“I threw myself into Clinical Hypnotherapy not really knowing what it would entail but hoping it would help.  It has far exceeded my       expectations and has accelerated me through the process of adjusting to a big life-change, to a point I didn’t know I could reach.”      (May, Penarth)

“I was a little skeptical about Hypnotherapy for sleeplessness and anxiety.  In fact, I thought at best it would be an hour a week to myself and relax. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The whole process of understanding how the brain works, the Hypnotherapy sessions and the journey brought about massive changes in my thought processes. I now sleep and wake refreshed, mind clear and feeling positive. In my daily life, I feel positive, able to cope and love the life I have;  I can’t recommend this Clinical Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused   Psychotherapy any more highly.  You need to be committed to putting work in yourself but the positivity and enthusiasm at Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice is all the motivation you need.  A wonderful experience and the effects last.” (Susan, a Nurse Manager from Penarth)

“Due to a series of big changes in circumstance, splitting up from my long term partner, moving to a new place without  knowing anyone, family health troubles, change in job, etc, I was struggling to cope. I’d become depressed and anxious. I was having trouble sleeping and generally stopped feeling like the happy person that I’d always been. Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions at Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice and their nurturing approach have been an absolute lifeline. I feel much calmer now, more able to handle change and what life sometimes throws at us. I’m sleeping better and feel much more energised and positive about the future. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Don’t think about it, do it!” (Elaine, Barry)

“Yes – Clinical Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation with Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice does just that…it stops you smoking!  I never believed it could be so easy…I’ve been smoking for more than 30 years now, and I’ve tried six times before!  I’ve tried the patches, and the gum and I never liked those nasty e-cigs anyway…but just three hours spent with Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice explained so clearly what goes on in the brain and why we trick ourselves that we ‘want’ to smoke and, most                 importantly, what we can do with the brain to reframe that 90% psychological habit and overcome the 10% physical addiction and bingo. The Hypnotherapy side was so relaxing, so powerful – I walked out a non-smoker for life!  I no longer have to hang around outside work, pubs or restaurants in the rain. My hair and my clothes smell nicer, my eyes are clearer and my skin has more colour.   What are you waiting for?” (Angie, Penarth)

“I was stuck in grief! Having lost my mother last year, I had to take time off work and stopped going out with friends. Hypnotherapy     sessions with Lightbulb Training Solutions / The Penarth Practice have helped me re-focus and find my feet again. I’m back in work part time, and have revitalised my social life. I’ve started doing things I enjoy and I can hear my mother telling me she’s proud of me!” (Alison, Penarth) 

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